23 May 2019

The Times Higher Education (THE) has launched their first ranking on how global universities’ succeed in delivering on the UN Sustainable Development Goals. King’s College is ranked 5th. What does our position mean? What is the ranking based on? What are we doing well? Where can we still improve?

We are very pleased to announce that Kat Thorne will tells us more about THE and sustainability at KCL. Kat heads our sustainability team that embeds sustainability across the university’s activities. Before King’s, she was Head of Sustainability at the University at Greenwich, where she lead the team that was awarded the THE Outstanding Contribution to Sustainable Development and achieved first place in People & Planet’s Green League.

After our meeting, we will grab a beer / drink to celebrate the end of the semester.

When: Thursday May 23rd at 4 pm 

Where: (NE) 8.16 Bush House, King’s College London

Background reading:

  • Baker-Shelley, A., van Zeijl-Rozema, A., & Martens, P. (2017). A conceptual synthesis of organisational transformation: How to diagnose, and navigate, pathways for sustainability at universities?. Journal of Cleaner Production, 145, 262-276.
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