10 December 2018

Future Sustainability Research: Trends, Implications and Challenges

When? Monday December 10th from 14:30 -17:00

Where? Bush House (NE) 6.05)

Join us for an informal round-table about the future of sustainability research. The round-table will bring together staff and post-graduate students with a research interests in topics related to sustainability. Question include, but are not limited to: How do you define sustainability in your work? What does this definition include, and what does it exclude? What aspect (language, behaviour, policies, etc.) of sustainability do you research? How do you approach this methodologically? What are the advantages and disadvantages of this methodology? What theories do you link to sustainability? What are the concepts that follow from that? How do you ensure your research has a practical sustainable impact? The round-table will be concluded with a Q&A by Prof. Tim Forsyth from LSE.

Attendees include:

  • Prof. Tim Forsyth (LSE – Environmental Governance).
  • Dr. Alice Evans (KCL – Due Diligence Law in France);
  • Dr. Robyn Vidra (KCL – Impact Investment Measurements) and;
  • Dr. Luciano Ciravegna (KCL -MNEs in Emerging Markets).

This KCL event is co-organized by the Business in Society Network and the Department of International Development.

Read here the summary report of the event: