Leaders of tomorrow need to be purpose-driven, need to feel comfortable with the level of transparency, need to be able to work in partnership, need to be systemic thinkers to be able to handle this complexity, but above all need to be human beings’

Paul Polman, CEO Unilever.

The Business in the Society network provides a forum for reflective and critical interdisciplinary discussion on the function(s) of corporations in the broader society. The role that business plays within society is evolving constantly due to global and local trends, such as financialization, migration and climate change.

The changing role of nation-states has led to business fill-up institutional voids. Within business these new responsibilities are institutionalized and diffused in different ways. Whereas some flourish in establishing a positive social impact, others bring about mainly negative spillovers, leading to well known corporate scandals. This has resulted in various discourse, programmes and practices, such as the rise Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) departments, sustainability disclosure, ethics committees and codes of conduct. We are an open network of people who all work on and are interested in the above topic.

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